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Music Courses


Join our teachers for music lessons over at our studio

Musical Theory


Delve into the history of music and study how it shapes our music today. Be intrigued by music harmony and the intricacies of this expressive language in our uniquely tailored music lessons.

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Music Technology


Instrumental lessons at SmallGiant Music is a ball of fun! SGM offers piano, guitar and ukulele lessons for all ages, even from as young as 2 and a half years old!

At the SmallGiant Music studio over at katong shopping centre, we offer individual lessons where we tailor specifically to you or your child’s learning needs.

If you’re in it for some social bonding, grab some friends to come along or you can come to our humble studio to make new friends in our small group lessons of 3-4 students!

Guitar lesson


A great instrument to start learning music! 

The piano has a wide range of pitches that helps your child develop auditory sensitivity. The piano will help your child develop left and right hand coordination – motor and fine motor skills. 

By applying the right techniques to keyboard/piano playing, your child will be able to play and learn with ease! In all music sessions, we encourage your child to sing! Singing develops their auditory sensitivity as we bust the myth of ‘tone deafness’!  (Yes, it is a myth!)

*Advanced piano lessons are also available for AMEB Grade 1-8. 


The guitar is a dream instrument to play! Its portability and social benefits appeals to many young children. 

Your child will learn to play basic chords and how these chords are combined to form popular hits by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and more! They will be taught how they can add a melody on top of chords through singing or fingerstyle plucking. 

In all music sessions, we encourage your child to sing! Singing develops their auditory sensitivity as we bust the myth of ‘tone deafness’!  (Yes, it is a myth!)

Group Sessions

Group Sessions are always packed with lots of fun! At SmallGiant Music, we aim to provide our students with well-rounded music experience.

We introduced SGM: Experience!’,where our students can play and experience a different instrument, or a different musical genre/style from what they are used to.

New comers are also always welcome to join our classes and they are easy to follow and learn.

*Equipment and Classroom are always disinfected for the safety of our students



Theory Lessons

Whether you learn the piano, guitar or violin, Music Theory is a universal language used by all musicians.

SmallGiant Music provides theory lessons for all musicians, delivering content in a simplistic manner. SGM aims to trigger epiphanic moments or what we call, ‘aha’ moments!

Over at SmallGiant music, we cater to students of all skill levels.

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Technology has never been more appealing that it is today, even in the world of Music! Students from as young as 5 years can learn how to make music easily with an electronic device. At SmallGiant Music, we integrate music technology into our lessons to engage our students and challenge their creativity as music creators and composers. SGM Music Technology lessons focuses on the use of GarageBand, iMovie and other free and exciting apple apps. With these apps, students learn how to “Loop, Layer and Mix” – creating an array of opportunities for the young minds to learn practical and theoretical musical skills at the same time.

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SmallGiant Music is an advocate for iOS music apps such as GarageBand and iMovie. These apps are easily available on any Apple device, enabling your child to engage with music anywhere and anytime. SGM encourages the use of iOS apps because they are free and user friendly, allowing young children to learn and be exposed to musical concepts at their fingertips.

SmallGiant Music aims to provide a fun and engaging musical experience for our students. Our Music Technology course continually highlights and emphasise theoretical knowledge like pitch, harmony and rhythm. In this way, students are exposed to Music Theory through an engaging and practical way.

Through the use of technology, your child can materialise their musical thoughts and set their imagination free. The SGM Team aims to inspire creativity through all areas of learning and our music technology course provides an invaluable opportunity for young children to explore, discover and develop their personal preference in Music.

Katong Shopping Centre

Using the lift nearest to the security post, head up to level 6 and we will be on the left as you exit the lift!