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Workshops At SmallGiant Music

Over at SmallGiant Music, We offer several workshops catered for you and for your child!
From technology to art, we built our music lessons around these subjects to help your child learn more about their interests!

Little Sound Makers (Holiday Program)

Music has been transformed in the ways we play, create and imagine in this digital age. To experience this, we designed 3 main activities in this “Little Soundmakers” camp:

  1. Nano Piano: Learn to code, play and create your very own mini functioning piano for keepsake.
  2. Decoding Music notations: Learning how people communicate through music notations since the 1600s till today!
  3. Soundscape: Painting with sound – recreating a scenery with homemade musical instruments.

Through these activities, participants will attain various skills, including instrumental, coding, rhythm, recording, pitch training, theory, composition and performance skills. This camp is for all young music enthusiasts between the ages 5-10 who aspire to become “Little Soundmakers” and to experience music in ways unimaginable!

Ukulele Paint and Play


Have you ever wanted to learn how to play your very own ukulele? Well now you can! Over at SmallGiant Music Ukulele Paint and Play workshop, allow your instructors to guide you on the basics and fundamentals of ukulele playing and learn to play a simple tune!
Paint your own ukulele and customise it to your liking afterwards!
Expect to learn:
– Ukulele Tunes
– Art
– Take home your ukulele to play or display!


Ukulele Paint and Play Music Workshop at Katong Shopping Centre


Learn how to code and play your own piano!
Our teachers will be here to guide you on your journey to creating your very own piano through code an eventually learn how to play a tune on it!

Expect to learn:
– Basic Coding
– Piano Tunes
– Take home your completed project!

Coding and Piano learning in katong

Childhood Montage

Learn how to create your very own childhood montage for your wedding or as a gift for your loved ones!

Expect to learn:
– Video Editting
– Music Production
– Scanning of your old pictures into a digital format
– Take home your production in a thumbdrive with all your pictures and montage