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Shane is an experienced music educator who balances a comfortable and professional relationship with his students, parents and colleagues.

Winner of music scholarships and prizes from the University of Western Australia, he extends his excellence and knowledge to formulating new and creative ideas to improve the quality of music education provided by SmallGiantMusic.

Fluent in English and Mandarin, he hopes to bring music education across a diversity of cultures.

Since young, Lynette has aspired to be a music educator.

Having found her place in SmallGiant Music, she is our senior music educator for children as young as two-year-old.

Professionally certified as an early child educator, Lynette incorporates singing into her piano lessons for our young ones. She believes in taking baby steps towards progress and is motivated by the slightest improvement from her students. Outside of teaching, Lynette is a chocolate lover, plays badminton and swims.

Meet See Teng, our music educator whose passion lies in sharing the magic of music through the piano. Her warm and approachable demeanour as a music educator instantly puts her students at ease.

Well-versed in SmallGiant Music’s unique teaching methods, See Teng encourages her students to infuse their playing with emotions and creativity, helping them develop their unique musical voice. Her lessons are full of energy which helps keeps the young minds engaged.

Besides teaching, she doubles up as our Digital Marketer and keeps our social media updated on what we are up to!

Cervone is a talented music educator who plays a wide range of instruments, including the piano, ukulele, clarinet and cello.

Besides traditional music, Cervone is also well-versed in music technology. She produces her own songs through creative improvisation and composition.

Integrating music technology into her teaching, Cervone inspires creativity and engages student interest through her tech whiz! Cervone loves working with all ages, especially the young, as they bring positive energy to the SGM team.

Sometimes, you can find her hiding in a corner with a cup of hot chocolate.

Grace has over 10 years of music teaching experience under her belt. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor in Professional Studies in Music at Berklee College. As a music educator, her fun and interactive lessons have kept children, youths, and adults on the edge of their seats!

Grace is passionate about inspiring the next generation to love music, such as Chinese cultural music.

At SmallGiant Music, Grace adopts a fun and exciting approach. She shares her love for music while balancing the discipline and focus required to master an instrument.

She enjoys listening to music and savouring the best hotpots in town during her leisure time!

Kaixin is our music educator with a burning passion for music and diverse talents on the drums, guitar, and ukulele. It takes great effort to master one instrument, let alone three instruments.

Her dedication to her craft and ability to connect with students foster a driving force in cultivating a lifelong love for music in them.

Kaixin tailors her lessons to meet each learner’s needs, catering to their learning pace and style. She is highly invested in her students’ musical journey, fostering their growth and confidence.

Among all the other music educators at SmallGiant Music, Evelyn plays a special role in our team. She teaches Bubs to preschool children as part of their early music education.

With a huge amount of patience, she is highly invested in making a difference in the little ones’ early music journey.

Her students require much more attention and care, which is she able to take care of effortlessly. Not everyone can handle the younger ones as well as she does, so we are grateful to have her with us!

Violins are known to be one of the most challenging instruments to learn. Allow us to introduce Nicole, a dedicated and accomplished music educator with an unwavering love for the violin and piano.

As a violinist and pianist, Nicole’s skill is nothing short of extraordinary. Nicole’s commitment to perfection and artistic expression shines through in every note she plays. Whether it is playing classical masterpieces or exploring contemporary and experimental pieces.

Nicole’s primary goal as a music educator is to instil a deep appreciation for music in her students. She believes that music is a universal language that transcends boundaries. Her lessons are filled with passion in expressing emotions to convey stories.

Lucas has a diverse skill set, proficient in drums, guitar, and ukulele. His love for music began at an early age. Over the years, he honed his craft and developed a deep understanding of various musical styles and genres.

Beyond his impressive musicianship, Lucas’s true strength lies in his teaching abilities. Having adapted to SmallGiant Music’s unique teaching methods, Lucas has a natural talent for connecting with students of all ages during his music lessons. As a music educator, Lucas imparts technical skills and instils a deep appreciation for music as an art form.

By nurturing a love for music in his students, Lucas hopes to inspire the next generation of musicians, allowing the magic of music to continue thriving for years to come.

Driven by Creativity

"Creativity is best thought of as a mode of motivation, rather than an outcome of instruction"

Driven by Creativity – Creative Teaching and Learning is at the heart of SmallGiant Music. As every child has different learning needs, our team at SGM tailors every lesson to each child, ensuring that they make progress and build on their strengths. Through our Creative Teaching and Learning, students will experience the joy that music brings while making progress on their chosen instrument. SGM is committed to guide your child – developing key musical and life skills to achieve success in their own unique ways!

SmallGiantMusic School Mascot for learning

Their Creativity

Creative thinking and learning are at the heart of our music education for your child. At SmallGiant Music, we join our students in discovering their musical interests and drive. We inspire their imagination and guide them through the world of music. Creativity is a form of motivation instead of an outcome of instruction.

Their Motivation

Fueled by creativity, self-determination and intrinsic motivation is what we are committed to instilling in your child’s music education. 
Music sessions will set out to fulfil the 3 basic psychological needs – competency, relatedness and autonomy. (Ryan & Deci, 2000)
It is our responsibility to ensure that every child feels competent and connected to the musical goal that they desire.

Their Future

We know that not every child will pursue music as their career but we believe in the cognitive benefits that music education possesses. 
Music education at a young age can improve your child’s spatial reasoning abilities, motor coordination and problem-solving techniques
Whether you have an aspiring engineer, doctor or policeman; the benefits of music education will improve the quality of life of your child and those around him/her. 

SmallGiantMusic School Music education flowchart
SmallGiantMusic school spatial awareness and reasoning.