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Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Explore our range of lessons:


Embark on a captivating musical journey into the enchanting world of melodies and harmonies. We provide a safe space for aspiring musicians to explore their passion for music.

Our lessons are a transformative experience, led by talented and experienced music educators who instil a deep understanding of musical theory, techniques, and expressions.

Beyond the leisure interest in music, we also provide exam-focused lessons to set young musicians on track for the professional path.

Group Lessons (18 Months-4 Years)

Early exposure to music sparks joy and cultivates a natural bond with melody and rhythm in young children, enhancing their motor skills, cognitive development, and social interaction.

Help your child ignite their imagination and lifelong love of music.

Music Examinations

If your child would like to pursue music towards a more professional level, we offer lessons catered to excel in the various music examinations.

Taking graded exams cultivate discipline, focus, and dedication, while also encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of music.

Music exams serve as important milestones in a musician’s journey, offering valuable recognition and feedback on their musical progress.


Instrumental lessons at SmallGiant Music are a ball of fun! We offer piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, and violin lessons for all ages, including children as young as two years old!

At the SmallGiant Music studio over at katong shopping centre, we offer individual lessons that we tailor specifically to you or your child’s learning needs.

If you’re in it for some social bonding, grab some friends to come along or you can come to our humble studio to make new friends in our small group lessons of 3-4 students!


The piano is a great instrument to start learning music! 

The piano has a wide range of pitches that helps your child develop auditory sensitivity. Playing the keys will help your child develop left and right-hand coordination – motor and fine motor skills. 

By applying the right techniques to keyboard/piano playing, your child will be able to play and learn with ease! In all music sessions, we encourage your child to sing! Singing develops their auditory sensitivity as we bust the myth of ‘tone deafness’!  (Yes, it is a myth!)

*Advanced piano lessons are also available for AMEB Grade 1-8. 


The guitar is a dream instrument to play! Its portability and social benefits appeal to many young children. 

We will teach your child to play basic chords and how these chords are combined to form popular hits by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and more! They will learn how they can add a melody on top of chords through singing or fingerstyle plucking. 

In all music lessons, we encourage your child to sing! Singing develops their auditory sensitivity as we bust the myth of ‘tone deafness’!  (Yes, it is a myth!)

Group Sessions

Group Sessions are always packed with lots of fun! At SmallGiant Music, we aim to provide our students with a well-rounded music experience.

We introduced SGM: Experience!’, where our students can play and experience a different instrument, or a different musical genre/style from what they are used to.

We always welcome newcomers to join our classes and they are easy to follow and learn.

*Equipment and Classroom are always disinfected for the safety of our students


Learning drums offer your child a different experience from the other traditional instruments. It offers a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, the benefits of learning drums extend beyond the mere enjoyment of creating rhythmic sounds.

Our aspiring drummer will learn enhanced coordination because drumming requires using all four limbs independently and synchronously. Furthermore, we will be imparting important rhythmic skills which is what makes a great drummer in a band!


Learning the violin is a journey of artistic and personal growth, offering an array of benefits that extend beyond the realm of music.

Our aspiring violinists embark on a path that hones their mental acuity and physical dexterity, as the delicate instrument demands precise finger placements and coordinated bowing techniques.

In our violin music lessons, learners will acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of holding the instrument and handling the bow, gradually progressing to master intricate melodies and harmonies.


Ukelele is often referred to as the smaller version of the guitar, but it is not exactly that. Due to its size and the number of strings, the ukelele produces a brighter and mellow sound than the guitar.

As beginners strum the strings and form chords, they quickly experience the joy of creating pleasant melodies, boosting their confidence and encouraging further exploration.

Our ukelele music lessons will cover the basics of chords, strumming techniques, and fingerpicking styles.

Music Grading

While we mainly focus on providing leisure music lessons, we are also capable of preparing our students for the various music exam boards. Music exams provide a structured way to measure an individual’s musical progress. Through the preparation process, students develops a deep understanding of musical theory, technique, interpretation. This enhances their overall musicanship.

Music exams also offers a sense of achievement and confident boost as the successful completion of each grade is a validation of the student’s hard work. Beyond the individual’s benefits, having attained a certain music grade can open the door to more opportunities such as scholarships, competitions, and future music pursuits.


One of the most common exam boards offered in Singapore is the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

Founded in 1889, ABRSM is the UK’s largest music education body, one of its largest music publishers and the world’s leading provider of music exams. They hold over 650,000 assessments in more than 90 countries every year.

ABRSM’s core activity is providing graded music exams, assessments, and diplomas. An ABRSM grade has a worldwide currency and their exams are designed to motivate learners at all levels and ages, providing realistic goals and tangible rewards for their achievements.


While the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) may be less commonly heard in Singapore, it started back in 1887.

A music exam board that is one of its kind, they have added an exciting range of modern creative qualifications to their curriculum. These include contemporary music, dance, music production, and vlogging.

AMEB has also embraced new technologies and developed new learning platforms over the years. In 2010, they became the world’s first exam board to launch online music theory exams.


Trinity College London is an international exam board that has been providing assessments since 1877.

They provides recognised and respected qualifications in a unique spectrum of communicative skills – from music, drama and arts activities to the English language – at all levels.

Each year over 850,000 candidates in over 60 countries take a Trinity assessment. They specifically designed qualifications to help students progress.

They aim to inspire teachers and learners through the creation of assessments that are enjoyable to prepare for, rewarding to teach and that develop the skills needed in real life.

Trinity Rock

Trinity Rock and Pop is an extended arm in Trinity that offers examinations for bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, and vocals. They cover from Grade 1 to 8.

RSL Rock School

Rockschool Limited (RSL) Awards is a leading international Awarding Organisation, creating qualifications in Music, Performing Arts, and Creative Industries subjects. They operate in over 50 countries around the world organising, assessing and certificating over 100,000 candidates annually.

They offer a range of instruments for exam grading – Guitar, Piano, Classical Piano, Keyboard, Drums, Vocals, Ukelele, and Violin.

Group Lessons (18 months to 4 years)

Catering to young minds between 18 months to 4 years old, we offer a harmonious blend of individual and group lessons. Through our innovative approach, children embark on a musical journey filled with exploration and delight. From strumming ukuleles to tinkling keyboards, each lesson is a symphony of fun and learning.

At SmallGiant Music, we orchestrate epiphanic moments, nurturing “aha!” experiences that resonate with our young learners. Our curriculum not only fine-tunes motor skills but also lays the foundation for a lifelong love of music.

Prepare your little maestro for their future with music. Join us, where music meets joy, and every note sings the song of childhood wonder.

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