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Available Workshops

Bucket Drumming

Bucket drumming for all ages! Beginner or not this is a perfect activity relating to percussion instruments for everybody! This is a great workshop for bonding events and creating fun-filled memories!

Keyboard Workshop

Like the grand piano that we all know, their counterpart, the keyboard is equally as fun with many different presets to experiment with. Enjoy a unique experience with others in a new and modern way!

Guitar Workshop

We have various levels of the workshop depending on your current skillset! Beginners who are interested in guitar can join the Level 1 workshop. The more advanced groups can choose to join the Level 2 workshop as well. This workshop is both for beginners and experienced guitarists!

Build a Band

Learn how to play different instruments together while creating an awesome band dynamic! Whether you’re a rock band or a jazz trio, there is always room for you to enjoy music with one another.

Paint and Play Ukulele

Learn how to play ukulele and paint your own too! Have a workshop for team bonding, family bonding, and other occasions as well! Moreover, you can bring your very own customised ukulele with you as you reminisce about the fun you had!

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Here at SGM, our team are a friendly bunch full of energy! We strive to unleash the fullest potential in each of our students. Our team commits to putting in the best effort to deliver excellent music lessons.