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5 fun-filled activities for children this school holidays

With 2021 coming to an end, it is the signal to the start of the long-awaited December holidays! Exciting times for children, maybe not so much for parents, who are left scrambling to find activities for their children. As a parent, not only would you want to keep your child occupied, but with fun and educational activities. We have gathered a list of 5 fun-filled activities, to save you the trouble of wracking your brains. Most of these activities can be done with grown ups as well, so definitely look forward to a good time of bonding!

1. Immerse in nature with a hike

With more than 20 hiking trails in Singapore, you can easily pick one near you and get hiking. Within this garden city, there is no short of nature reserves and parks waiting for you to explore, like Coney Island for those in the North-East, or MacRitchie Tree-top walk for those in the central. Immersing in nature can be therapeutic and a good break from staring at our electronic devices. It is also a good way to be exposed to a variety of flora and fauna. Don’t forget to beat the heat by bringing water, cap and sunscreen! 

2. Ignite music interest with Guzheng workshop

The benefits of learning music from an early age are endless, such as developing hand-eye coordination and building patience. All these aside, music is simply FUN. At SmallGiant Music, we have designed a 3-day Guzheng holiday workshop that runs from 1-3 Dec 2021, and 8-10 Dec 2021. It will introduce the instrument, teach children to play the basics and improvise on it. Incorporating art and games, we ensure children will have nothing short of fun and leave with knowledge of Chinese music. Registration closes on 28 Nov 2021, so sign up here today! If you are looking for something long term, we also have music lessons for piano, guitar and ukulele. Indicate your interest here.

Gushing Music Workshop at Katong Shopping Centre

3. Spark creativity with Art Jam

Channel yours and your child’s inner Da Vinci or Van Gogh by going for an Art Jam. If the sweltering weather and outdoors is not something you enjoy, stay cool indoors and paint! Art is a good way for self-expression and to build psychomotor skills. Be prepared to transform white canvases into colourful masterpieces! At SmallGiant Music, in collaboration with an art studio, Avant-Garde Art Space, we have a Ukulele Paint & Play workshop, whereby you will learn how to play the ukulele and customise your very own hand-painted ukulele. At the end of the 3 hour session, bring home your personalised ukulele and continue to hone your ukulele playing skills! Suitable for kids and adults. Sign up here today.

4. Get close to furry friends in the zoo

The Singapore Zoo is home to over 2800 animals, inhabiting a luxuriant tropical rainforest. Get up close to the animals by feeding them or go for an Animal Friends Show where you can cuddle and pet these furry friends. Sit in to one of the Keeper Talks to gain insights about the animals from trained personnel – the zookeepers who personally care for and raise them. Another exhilarating activity to do in the zoo is the rope course at Houbii Spot Singapore, which is suitable for adults and children. After the adrenaline-rushing climb up, you can relax and enjoy the breath-taking view of the Lower Seletar Reservoir, of the sparkling waters and lush greenery when you are on “top of the world”.

Picture taken from Houbii Spot Facebook

5. Be a tourist for a day in your own city

Singapore being a relatively small country, we usually fly to other countries to experience different cultures and places. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has made overseas travel hard, why not take the chance to be a tourist in our city? She has many hidden spots and towns you may not frequent. One such neighbourhood is the Katong/Joo Chiat area, rich in Peranakan culture and heritage which you can expose your child to. Besides the famous Katong Laksa, this area is also known for its iconic bright-coloured shophouses, hipster cafes and quaint boutiques stores. While roaming these streets, remember to keep a lookout for IG-worthy street art that plaster the walls of the vibrant hued shophouses and snap a pic! #beentheredonethat# Check this out for an ultimate guide to this area. 

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